We customize propulsion equipment and energy management automation systems to your boat design.



Hybrid square:

Our most advanced proprietary technology combines serial and parallel hybrid components (electric motors, generators and batteries)  in a single configuration we call hybrid square. Hybrid Square propulsion on a twin-engine vessel consists of a mixed series electric and parallel electric configuration, and batteries are intermittently and efficiently recharged with a common rail DC generator. We fully automate the optimization of energy use that includes electric motors, power generation, energy storage, and house loads in a way that cannot be contemplated with combustion engines alone.  We provide the HV switching box that together with the  automation programming  ensures safe operation and provides a seamless transition between multiple power states while at sea or at port.

Châssis court PP135 Pers 2

From 3D simulation to the real thing…we engineer these for top efficiency


The finished product…a powerful and care-free motor with its integrated controler

Electric Motors:

An electric motor is 20 times more reliable than a combustion engine, quiet, and requires almost no maintenance. Our motors are power-dense, high efficiency and are manufactured in America by a company with 35 years experience in the electric motor industry.  We provide 30 kW and up.

We offer complete system configurations that include custom automation programming tailored to your yacht design.

We strive to choose the best system for your yacht. Custom automation control ensures that all aspects of energy use and energy storage are programmed to function seamlessly, efficiently and safely with on-board yacht systems. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians continuously ensures that new customers receive the best and most professional service.




A motor and its essential  battery management electronics.

Marine Lithium batteries:

Batteries must be selected for the load they carry, and for the charging sources. We supply marine lithium batteries with a battery management system (BMS) that is fully integrated with the on-board energy management computer (EMC).  For manufacturers, we can provide custom-design battery management that is tailored to yacht design  and to  the specific hybrid configuration.  We also have  EMCs  configured for  reliable management of AGM battery banks should you wish.


Custom designed generator fit for any power needs


We build our own generators with components from established manufacturers, always with weight, size and efficiency in mind. Our generators are built from common-rail marine diesel engines coupled to electric motor/generators. We provide 50 kW and up.


We remain the leader in marine hybrid propulsion systems with reliable, proven and certified products!