moterAn electric  180 hp  outboard engine has arrived! This powerful electric motor is a new release just in time  for the Fort Lauderdale  International Boat Show and it  is first in its class. Perfect for yacht tenders because the battery bank can be recharged on mother-ship or on shore. The outboard is powered with a water-cooled  electric motor contained in a standard  housing plus  lithium batteries.  The batteries can be installed under the seats. The system comes with a fully automated intelligent power control interface. Powerful enough for  water skiing, and never fill  up again.

For Sailors:

Many yacht manufactures know that their customers want hybrid electric power, and they are turning to ReGen Nautic to provide the powerful and safe systems for their new yachts. Two different French companies have embraced hybrid propulsion for their new lines of boats:   Alibi’s  high   performance catamarans manufactured in Thailand are powered with system by ReGen Nautic. The Alibi is equipped with two electric motors that are 30 kW (45 HP per  side).  For more information visit Alibi.


In France Rhea Marine has a hybrid line see Rhea marine.

The Rhea comprises two 200 HP electric motors fully integrated with their motor controllers, 38 kW h lithium battery bank, and 80 kW generator. The  boat speed is 25 knots  peak, and 15 knots continuous.
Advantages of hybrid:

  • ReGen programs the system to operate at peak efficiency,
    saving fuel and saving on maintenance costs for the diesel generator.
  • Motors  are light,
    efficient, small and do not require annual maintenance
  • Lithium batteries have 80% depth of charge and 3000
    cycles. Compare  to lead acid with
    50% depth of charge,  500 cycles,
    and three times the weight.
  • Generator only weighs 600 lbs, motors weigh 110 lbs.
  • Quiet, efficient and can be operated in electric-only mode
    or with the generator when more power is needed.